About our company

Our Company, Alpha-Finance LLC, is the only official manufacturer of longitudinal electric-welded stainless steel tubes. The method of tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding used for manufacture of our tubes ensures high quality characteristics.

In 2011 we completed a setting up and commissioning of two tube mills of European origin with modern technical decision designed for production of electric-welded stainless steel tubes.

As soon as the commissioning and training of our personnel by foreign specialists were finished, we started production of commercial tubes for domestic market under a trademark “DZNT” (Dneprovskiy Stainless Steel Tube Works).

In August 2011 our company passed certification of its quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2009. Alpha-Finance LLC is registered as a tube manufacturer in UkrSEPRO Certification System.

During next two years we mastered the production of circular, square and rectangular electric-welded stainless steel tubes. The product range was developed to fit the needs of manufacturers of design radiators, equipment for sugar and food industry, steel structures.

At the next stage we included mastering and manufacture of extremely thin-walled circular tubes to our production programme. Such tubes are used for manufacture of electric heating equipment (electric heater tubes), oil pipeline systems.

Since November 2014, Alpha-Finance LLC in cooperation with State Enterprise “Scientific Research Tube Institute” (SE “NITI”) and PJSC “UKRNIIKHIMMASH” has developed and registered the special standard for chemical and machinery industry under the Nr. and name: TU U 24.2-31016932-003:2014 “Welded tubes made of corrosion resistant steel grades. Specifications”.

This document has been developed specially for heavy-duty tubes for service under pressure at high temperatures, in corrosive and gaseous environment. The tubes produced according to TU U 24.2-31016932-003:2014 are used in heat-exchange equipment for chemical, petrochemical and machinery industries. This step allowed us to develop the mechanical engineering market.

The tubes produced by Alpha-Finance LLC are longitudinal electric-welded tubes manufactured using argon arc welding. These tubes are intended for chemical and petrochemical, power, food, medical industries, electrical engineering and other industries.

The products of Alpha-Finance LLC are manufactured of foreign-made corrosion resistant steel grades. The outside diameter of the tubes is 5.0 mm to 60.3 mm inclusive; the wall thickness is 0.4 mm to 3.0 mm inclusive.

Alpha-Finance LLC supplies stainless steel tubes to domestic market of Ukraine, CIS markets. Also we work to extend our sales to other foreign markets.


Food industry;
Due to its resistance to various environments, stainless steel is widely used for manufacture of food machinery, containers of various types, refrigerators, table-ware, dishware, equipment for public catering facilities (kitchen units, sinks), display cases, counters, etc.

Chemical and petrochemical industry;
Tubes for chemical industry are manufactured of austenitic stainless steels. Due to their chemical resistance (to various solvents, highly corrosive substances) the stainless steels can be used in chemical and petrochemical industry.

Construction, design and architecture;
Decorative stainless steel sheets with various surface finishes and designs, and tubes with matt, specular, ground surface are an excellent fit for interior decoration, facade finishing, decorative elements.

Mechanical engineering;
Stainless steel tubes find a wide application in machine-tool building, transport engineering, manufacture of electric heater tubes, heat exchangers, household appliances. Automobile industry uses ferritic and austenitic steel grades.