Production capacities of the tube mills provide a possibility for independent manufacture of tubes having characteristics as follows:

– application of longitudinal multiarc dry-box welding ensures welds of high quality (TIG welding with weld filling factor = 1.0);
– external weld bead removed by grinding flush with the tube surface;
– internal weld bead rolled on a mandrel with mechanical working of the cast structure of the weld through the wall thickness;
– weld and tube body heat treated in protective atmosphere (bright annealed) to improve the structure of the weld and tube body;
– 100% nondestructive testing of the weld and tube body;
– grinding around the entire circumference of the tube with a possibility of further polishing;
-100% instrumental inspection of outside diameter, ovality, length of the tubes;
– production of long-length tubes up to 14,000.0 mm possible.

Taking into account the company’s objectives for the next years, a certified laboratory was established in May 2015 for carrying out all mechanical and technological testing required.

Using the testing facilities of the laboratory we conduct the following types of tests:

• GOST 8694-75 Expansion testing;
• GOST 8693-80 Flange testing;
• GOST 3728-78 Bend-over testing;
• GOST 8695-75 Flattening testing;
• GOST 10006-80 Tensile testing;
• GOST 3845-75 Hydraulic pressure testing with pressure up to 160 bar;
• GOST 10692-80 Marking, transportation and storage;
• GOST 30432-96 Selection of samples, tube stocks and specimens.

All manufacturing operations are carried out with involvement of qualified personnel of Alpha-Finance LLC only: Chief Engineer, Production Manager, welding operators, Quality Control Department Inspector, Head of Warehouse for Raw Materials and Finished Products.

Thus, at all production stages, from incoming control to shipment of finished products, the manufacturing process of electric-welded stainless steel tubes is under constant control of competent specialists!

Taking into consideration the complexity and variety of requirements applied to the tubes used in heat power and nuclear power industry, our company has obtained an independent expert conclusion on quality of the tubes manufactured under conditions of the tube works of Alpha-Finance LLC, which was issued by a recognised independent expert organisation in pipe and tube industry – State Enterprise “Scientific Research Tube Institute” (SE “NITI”).